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Azuca introduces fast-acting chocolate activator for manufacturers

Azuca, suppliers of fast-acting cannabis technology products, announced their newest tool for edibles producers, Azuca Chocolate Activator™ powered by TiME INFUSION™

Compared to other edibles, chocolate formulations typically have the slowest onset time because of their high fat content. With Azuca Chocolate Activator™, consumers can feel effects in as quickly as five minutes, with most users reporting effects within the first 20 minutes. 

The technology is intended to be easily incorporated into existing chocolate recipes. According to Azuca, edible manufacturers can take advantage of the new technology to create fast-acting chocolates without any need for bitter blockers or masking agents.

How do fast-acting THC edibles work? 

The new technology encapsulates individual cannabinoid molecules to make them water-friendly. This allows for a quicker uptake starting immediately in the mouth. From there, the cannabinoids avoid the liver, where they would normally degrade, leading to a slower absorption time. 


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