Kiva Love Sauce

Kiva launches a limited-edition body sauce in time for Valentine’s Day

Kiva Confections unveiled the first ever cannabis-infused body chocolate – Kiva Love Sauce. Their press release is appropriately saucy: “With the launch of Love Sauce, the company brings an illustrious out-of-body experience to a wholly unique on-the-body experience.

The single-serving dark chocolate body sauce features 10mg of THC per package, and claims to provide “a sensory-stimulating experience like no other available.” Kiva is definitely a brand to watch when it comes to smart marketing of timely, creative products. The Northern California-based cannabis company received critical acclaim and created a viral sensation for its award-winning, THC-infused Turkey Gravy, which was released for Thanksgiving of 2019.

For those of us who spend our time monitoring cannabis CPG, these innovative products are a nice change of pace from the endless parade of gummies and pre-rolls. Let’s hope Kiva keeps their creative juices flowing.

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