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woman smoking a pre-roll

Brand insights: Twelve joints that stand out from the pack

Today we’re looking at the pre-rolls that stand out from the crowd–either through brand story, packaging, engineering, exemplary ingredients, or sheer power to pack a punch.

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Medically Correct partners

Talking with Bob Eschino of Medically Correct on the gritty reality of building a brand from scratch

Talking with a legacy operator on the Wild West days of the early Colorado market, and how he and his partners created a company that could weather the storm.

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virtual cannabis trade show

The future of cannabis events

Will we ever return to business as usual in the events space? Is the virtual event a lost cause? A seasoned trade show producer and cannabis industry insider looks at what we’ve learned from 2020 and where we go from here.

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Cannabis ice cream truck

Mellow releases artisanal THC-infused ice cream in California

Starting this week, Angelinos will be able to dig into pints of THC and CBD-infused ice cream from Mellow. Mellow ice cream, pre-rolls, and merchandise will be available to purchase online; the company will offer home delivery…

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My Post(3)

THC on Tap: Why cannabis beverages aren’t more popular

US cannabis beverage sales comprise a small percentage of the ingestible cannabis market (6% of 2019 sales), and a tinier share of the overall market. But that may be changing. Experts predict exponential growth in sales over the next few years.

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Alex Levin in front of Green Dragon

Retail Insights: Green Dragon on the move

Green Dragon co-CEO Alex Levine shares the secrets to his company’s success in the cannabis industry. Steady, methodical growth has been the key for Denver-based Green Dragon’s quick path to profitability. When Green Dragon …

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Virginia Co the latest cannabis company to change name due to disturbing historical associations

In this year of social justice reckoning, the popular Washington state cannabis brand Virginia Co became the latest in a slew of companies that are changing their branding due to concerns over offensive names or logos. But just how bad was The Virginia Company?

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Illinois cannabis

What social equity? The latest on the Illinois licensing scandals

Multiple scandals disrupt Illinois social equity lottery, which should award extra points to applications from companies that are majority owned by a person with a cannabis-related arrest on their record and other qualifications. But applicants allege that…

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Brand Insights


Southwest sauce: Mountaintop Extracts sets a high standard for New Mexico

At Mountaintop Extracts, clean is the name of the game.  Margaret Jackson chats with the team to learn how the company has set a high standard for the New Mexico cannabis market.

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How Lo Friesen’s love of chemistry gave Heylo its wings in Washington

At just twenty-five, Lo Friesen brought Heylo Cannabis to life. Five years later and they’re a Washington favorite. She tells us her story, including how a love of chemistry led to the company’s creation.

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athletes in cannabis

8 athletes that advocate for cannabis use

Pervasive drug testing has prevented millions of athletes access to an important source of relief from the pain and stress that come with the job. We think that’s bullshit. Here are eight athletes who are changing the conversation.

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JAINE Graphic Pink & Green Border

How the leading ladies of We Are JAINE empower women in the Missouri cannabis industry

Join. Achieve. Ignite. Network. Empower. That’s what We Are JAINE is all about. Here’s how the company is making sure women thrive throughout the industry.

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Miss Grass

Miss Grass herself: Kate Miller on how to organically build a badass brand

While working as a budtender, an idea sparked a domain purchase for “” Many years later, Kate Miller is enjoying the success of her brand. Here’s how she pulled it off in style.

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Kuno Graphic

Valor and flower: Kuno strives to put cannabis into the hands of veterans 

Flower One launched Kuno in June with one goal: getting cannabis into the hands of veterans. Here’s how they’re making it happen.

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Assignment 2 Final

The Proof is in the principles: How a commitment to core beliefs built an award-winning brand

It’s not cheap or easy to establish an ethos. At Proof Cannabis, going against the conventional (dare we say corporate?) cannabis business model has been challenging but worthwhile. 

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New Mexico Brands

5 New Mexico cannabis brands to watch

The Land of Enchantment legalized recreational cannabis just last year, but several companies have already established themselves as brands to watch. Here are five of our picks worth keeping an eye on.

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MJBI is produced by Jage Media and is the official publication of MJ Unpacked.

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