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Quick hits with BDSA: The products stoners use

The products stoners use

After so much time spent courting new demographics, maybe it’s time to honor the stalwart consumers. Kelly Nielsen of BDSA and Jage Media CEO George Jage break down the numbers on frequent consumers and high tolerance users, aka stoners. George admits he is one, albeit of the casual and productive segment of the species. Kelly shares data on the products frequent users are choosing and the benefits of catering to our stoner populace.

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BDSA offers a full understanding of the evolving cannabinoids market. Our Retail Sales Tracking, Consumer Insights, and Industry Intelligence, all powered by our industry-leading GreenEdge® platform, work together seamlessly to provide the answers our customers are looking for.

Whether your company currently is operating in the cannabis industry, or if you are an investor looking to capitalize on the market opportunity, educate yourself so you make informed business decisions. Our market insights and data increases your probability of success and growth potential. Visit BDSA

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