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Virginians can legally buy bud for the first time today

Virginia’s limited medical law only went into effect in October of 2020. The state may have been slow to jump on the weed train, but they’ve been speeding along since.

Like a lot of nascent medical legislation, the original law was limited in scope. It prohibited the sale of actual bud, and restricted permits to four companies, including Columbia Care. But it only took Virginia legislators four months to amend the law to allow for the sale of flower, and the state’s four operators upped production to prepare for opening day. Meanwhile, limited adult use became legal this July, although adult use sales won’t be legal till 2024.

But for fortunate cardholders, today marked the first day of legal flower sales.

“The team has been working diligently in preparation for this day and we are thrilled to bring whole flower to our patients,” said Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita.

Columbia Care’s Portsmouth dispensary

Columbia Care and gLeaf are actively developing ten additional retail locations in Virginia, for a total of 12 dispensaries. The company expects to open three incremental dispensaries in Virginia by year-end.

Flower will also soon be available via home delivery and third party retailers throughout the state. We’ll smoke to that!

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