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hottest cannabis brands in Nevada

Top ten hottest Nevada brands

A look at the Nevada cannabis brands that are getting the most buzz. Due to the hype surrounding Nevada’s potential, it’s no surprise that Pioneer’s top ten list is dominated by multi-state operators vying to be…

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Most popular weed brands in California by social media

Top Ten Hottest Brands in California by Social Media

We’re back with our second top ten list through our exclusive content partnership with Pioneer Intelligence. For our first California list, we’re focusing on one pillar: engagement by social media–something that was particularly relevant in 2020. Read on to discover the hottest edibles and flower brands in California.

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Washington state playing catch up on social equity

Despite being a leader in legalization, Washington lags behind in diversity and inclusion. A new social equity program aims to close the gap. Leif Utne explores why legalization of adult use has made the state’s cannabis industry even less equitable.

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