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8 biblically-correct Valentine’s Day cannabis products

You’ve heard of biblically-correct angels — now get ready for biblically-correct Valentine’s Day cannabis products.

St. Valentine, as you probably know, is the patron saint of love and marriage. But he has a few other roles — for instance, as the patron saint of beekeepers, plague, epilepsy and the mentally ill.

So while we could’ve put together a list of weed-infused lube and chocolates (Lavinia’s oh.hi THC/CBD lube does look promising, after all…), we thought it would be more interesting to showcase the weirder, darker side of everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday.

A lot of companies are doing very cool stuff with honey (or honey-like substances). And of course, many inventive marketing strategies pitch their products as ways to decompress or otherwise aid with a healthy mental state. Here are a few:

For the love of bees

Uh Huh Honey

This company uses what it calls “beefuse” technology to create CBD-infused honey without adding anything after harvest. They achieve this by letting the bees graze on nectar made from hemp, allowing cannabinoids and terpenes to pass through their system and into the honey. The bees don’t feel anything since they don’t have endocannabinoid system (poor things). The company sells honey pumps (for specific dosing) as well body balm in sexy black-and-yellow packaging and their oOYes brand Bee Wild tantric honey in a jar. And the sexiness doesn’t stop there.

Oleum’s Honey Crystal 

This Washington-based extract company’s flagship product is not honey, per se, but it sure does look just as sweet. The Honey Crystal is a 91-percent-cannabinoid, 2.9-percent-terpene dewaxed extract that looks just as good on a dab rig as it would on a piece of toast. Seriously, just look at those gooey peaks.

Potli infused honey 

This “healing honey” is made in California and infused with a bunch of CBD. One version has trace amounts of THC, but promises to be non-intoxicating, and the other version has 3 mg of THC per serving, with an equal amount of CBD and 5 mg of CBN. The honey itself is all local and harvested from excess supply (meaning they don’t take anything the bees need). The packaging is sleek and minimal, showing off the golden product — which comes in varying strengths, from 120 mg to 500 mg per container.

Lazy Bee Gardens

While the name implies another infused honey company, Lazy Bee has earned its stripes through its concentrates. The Washington company’s dabbables — including P.H.O. TerpSugar, P.H.O. live resin, rosin and E.V.F.O. CO2 Tankers — are yellow and waxy and mostly “on the saucier side,” according to the company. Their packaging is bright yellow and honeycombed, with a big bee right on the front of its live resin vape cart packs and little metal joint tins suggestive of a fun version of your grandma’s Altoids. 

Weed is also a popular way to manage or improve one’s mental health. We’re not sure if St. Valentine himself would approve, but it is his area, after all. Speaking of mental health…

For the love of your brain 

Yummi Karma

“Good vibes, bottled.” It’s hard to argue with that description of Yummi Karma’s offerings. Its THC/CBD tinctures come with names like “Mood Magic” and “High Spirits” — both of which St. Valentine would surely love. The bottles are simple but elegant, making good use of the limited space with a sleek, emoticon-like illustration and some bright accents. 

Polite Daily Defense Tincture 

Polite’s Daily Defense tincture promises to help users “feel healthy, not hazy.” It’s an oil-based tincture with ashwagandha and frankincense alongside CBD, THC, and CBG. More importantly, the company claims that the product is not just good for boosting immunity, but can also “help you get your mojo back in the bedroom,” thanks to its role in decreasing stress levels and relaxing muscles. They sell the tincture online with no THC, and sell the THC-version in Arizona and Washington.

Blackberry CBN mood-targeting mint by Kiva

With just 2 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBN per mint, this might not be strong enough for many cannabis connoisseurs. But for the non-toker looking for a quick hit of relaxation, Petra’s mints could be just the ticket. The blackberry and vanilla flavors are the cherry (or, blackberry) on top.

Honeybee Collective

Yet another bee-themed company worthy of buzz. One of Honeybee Collective’s main offerings is their “Peace” joints and strain, which they market as a pre-yoga, pre-nap, pre-bedtime ritual. The strain has myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes for relaxation and packaging that looks like a ‘60s anti-war poster. Groovy.


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