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9 Nevada dispensaries that stand out from the pack

From views of living plants to comfy cannabis lounges, Nevada has plenty of cool dispensaries worth checking out. We’ve rounded up eight retailers across the Silver State that stand out from the pack.

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8 sharp women advancing cannabis science 

We all know some amazing women in weed. But what about women in cannabis science? These eight professionals are helping to advance cannabis science every day with their STEM-centered careers.

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Legacy Grow Oregan

Legacy lions: Talking guerilla growing with an Oregon original

Legacy cannabis growers paved the way for today’s industry, risking their freedom to bring the plant they love and respect to life. This is Michelle’s story, an Oregon original who knows what it takes to grow something wonderful.

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Tribal dispensary tour: a look inside Washington’s native cannabis businesses

Buckle up! We’re going on a tribal dispensary tour. Washington is home to twenty-nine federally-recognized tribes, several of which have entered the cannabis industry. Let’s explore.

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Woman-owned, woman-grown: three female farmers who are changing the industry

Cannabis has a reputation as a male-dominated industry, but there are an awful lot of women cultivators, and there always has been. Today we’ll celebrate the industry’s women owners who still keep their hands in the dirt.

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Top 10 hottest woman-led cannabis brands

Which woman-led cannabis brands have risen to the top? We worked with Pioneer Intelligence to find out.

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Calyxeum founders

Black-owned, woman-grown, and made in Detroit: Calyxeum is a brand with a plan

If you sat down and tried to think up a dream brand to appeal to the ethical, quality-conscious consumer, you might come up with Calyxeum.

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wicked sour high dose edibles

BDSA’s Brand Insights: 5 high-dose cannabis edibles to watch

With so much attention to micro-dosing lately, we can’t forget the power of high-dose cannabis edibles. Here are BDSA’s top five picks, including the bestselling high-dose California edibles.

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Brand Insights

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Is consistency an overrated virtue in retail? Ryan Brown of Groundworks on how to scale an authentic consumer experience

Is consistency really key? Ryan Brown of Groundworks shares his expertise on all things consumer experiences.

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happy munkey

Legacy of ambition: Happy Munkey celebrates five years with a rebrand

Few brands represent the swagger and hustle of the New York’s legacy cannabis culture quite like Happy Munkey. We catch up with Vlad Bautista to talk rebrands, the future of cannabis, and what Happy Munkey’s up to next.

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Sour edible Graphic

6 sour gummy edibles that stand out from the rest

With modern technology, cannabis companies can create a basically unlimited variety of edibles to catch consumers’ attention. Sour gummies are no exception.  Here are six that stand out from the rest.

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Oregon’s SugarTop Buddery is a retro ode to art, music, and good smoke

With the vintage 70s flair of their trademark packaging, SugarTop Buddery has earned a reputation as one of Oregon’s most stylish brands. Holly Devon talks to the team about their good smokes.

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Cannabis Council Graphic

The Cannabis Media Council is ready to freshen the narrative

The Cannabis Media Council is on a mission to update the public image of cannabis and promote fresh narratives. We talk to Annie Davis about the female-forward organization that’s leading the way.

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Viola vibes out with a brand refresh that’s focused on the experience

Time for a fresh start? Viola is the latest company to do a full brand refresh, and this one’s all about the vibes. Here’s how Al Harrington’s brand is getting consumers involved with the Viola Vibes System.

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9 brands that make gourmet chocolate edibles

Chocolate and weed? It’s always a perfect match. But these nine brands have gone above and beyond, crafting gourmet chocolate edibles for those with a taste for the finer things. Check out our latest roundup.

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Cookies partners with Akanda to bring high THC strains to Europe 

There’s a new batch of Cookies hitting Europe. This time, the international brand is headed to Portugal. Here’s what to expect as the brand expands further.

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MJBI Logo Update with MJU

MJBI is dedicated to providing a sharp, substantive, and reliable source of industry intel for cannabis brands and retailers. We accelerate sustainable growth by fostering enlightening peer-to-peer collaboration.

MJBI is produced by Jage Media and is the official publication of MJ Unpacked.

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MJBI is produced by Jage Media and is the official publication of MJ Unpacked.

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