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cannabis apparel

High fashion? Cannabis brands expanding their reach with apparel

A merch line can take cannabis brands to the next level and to new territories. Here’s how four companies are using apparel to expand their reach.

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oregon cannabis brands

Top 10 hottest women-led Oregon cannabis brands 

Which women-led cannabis brands are leading the way in Oregon? Thanks to Pioneer Intelligence, we have the data.

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Is consistency an overrated virtue in retail? Ryan Brown of Groundworks on how to scale an authentic consumer experience

Is consistency really key? Ryan Brown of Groundworks shares his expertise on all things consumer experiences.

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happy munkey

Legacy of ambition: Happy Munkey celebrates five years with a rebrand

Few brands represent the swagger and hustle of the New York’s legacy cannabis culture quite like Happy Munkey. We catch up with Vlad Bautista to talk rebrands, the future of cannabis, and what Happy Munkey’s up to next.

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Winning in cannabis retail: Top tips from BDSA’s Basket Analytics

What’s the latest on consumer purchasing habits? BDSA shares their basket analytics to help retailers position themselves for success. Here’s what they have to say from data collected in California.

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silver state relief nevada

9 Nevada dispensaries that stand out from the pack

From views of living plants to comfy cannabis lounges, Nevada has plenty of cool dispensaries worth checking out. We’ve rounded up eight retailers across the Silver State that stand out from the pack.

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Miss Grass

Miss Grass herself: Kate Miller on how to organically build a badass brand

While working as a budtender, an idea sparked a domain purchase for “Missgrass.com.” Many years later, Kate Miller is enjoying the success of her brand. Here’s how she pulled it off in style.

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BDSA cannabis retailer insights: Top trends in pack size and purchasing

What are the latest trends in package sizes and purchasing habits? BDSA takes a look at their Retail Sales Tracking data to get a clearer idea. From disappearing half-grams to a surge in bulk buying, here’s what we learned.

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Brand Insights

mycophyte solutions

Mycological magic: How a group of horticulturists are helping farms grow better weed

Nutrient deficiencies, root rot, and mildew, oh my! Here’s how Mycopyhte Solutions promises to help cultivators grow better weed.

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the nirvana group

How Oklahoma’s Nirvana Group blossomed ahead of adult-use legislation

What started as a small tobacco shop is now a vertically integrated cannabis company on the cusp of exploding as Oklahoma voters decide whether to legalize adult-use marijuana during a special election in March. 

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JuJu Royal

Celebrity brands can learn a thing or two about authenticity from JuJu Royal’s Michigan launch

When Julian Marley, son of the iconic reggae pioneer and arguably the most famous rastafarian ever, launched a cannabis brand, it just made sense. 

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coast cannabis

From “Just say no” to CEO: How Coast’s Angela Brown built a clean brand out of her kitchen

Angela Brown never thought she’d use cannabis, let alone sell it. Today she makes products with one consumer in mind — herself.

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left coast holdings

Happy staffers? William McKenzie on building a win-win business model in Michigan

Meet William McKenzie of Left Coast Holdings, a proud supporter of cannabis workers’ unions. Here’s how he’s built a successful and supportive business model.

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holiday marketing in cannabis

8 products with festive holiday marketing strategies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to analyze festive marketing strategies. Here are eight limited-edition drops or holiday-centric items that caught our attention this season.

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polite thc

Kind cannabinoids: How Polite is redefining functional wellness products

The BIPOC and women-owned brand Polite launched right before the pandemic. Since then, they’ve made some serious progress. Here’s how the team is redefining functional wellness.

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sorting robotics

Changing the game with reefer robots: Nohtal Partansky of Sorting Robotics

From NASA-JPL to automating the cannabis industry, Nohtal Partansky has been busy building the future. Here we discuss all things Sorting Robotics.

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MJBI Logo Update with MJU

MJBI is dedicated to providing a sharp, substantive, and reliable source of industry intel for cannabis brands and retailers. We accelerate sustainable growth by fostering enlightening peer-to-peer collaboration.

MJBI is produced by Jage Media and is the official publication of MJ Unpacked.

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