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5 notable fast-acting edibles

Consumers don’t have to wait as long as they used to for edibles to kick in. Fast-acting edibles are the future, fueled by nano-technology or microencapsulation for quick absorption. The term “fast-acting” rose to popularity in 2017 and five years later, brands are staying competitive with the launch of a fast-acting option. 

Wana has served as an example of exemplary execution for this type of product. The company’s quick-onset edibles take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to produce effects and are branded to mirror cocktail favorites like peach bellini, strawberry margarita, and appletini. The company recently launched the first fast-acting live rosin gummies on the market, as well. 

Wana is a big name in the edibles sphere, but they’re not the only ones crafting quality fast-onset edibles. Here are five other brands to watch. 


Designed with the minimalist consumer in mind, 1906 set the standard for fast-acting edibles in 2017. They provide low-dose products with ratios of 1:1 CBD and THC, as well as 5:1 CBD and THC. Taglined “swallow, don’t chew,” these edibles push the limits of what is considered an edible, because they’re almost not. 

1906 uses DehydraTECH by Lexaria Bioscience to deliver a product with a promise of an onset of twenty-minutes or less. Calorie and sugar-free, their discreet drops come in color-coded poppable packages labeled with their exact purpose, including GO for energy, GENIUS for brainpower, and LOVE for arousal. 1906 products are currently available to consumers in Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, and Oklahoma. 


Under the Sunderstorm family of brands and among the first creators of fast-acting edibles is Kanha, strong believers in nano-emulsion technology. Their products are tailored to a wide range of consumers, with microdosable, hard-hitting, and vegan edibles. Gummies are colored with all-natural ingredients such as beets and spirulina, and natural fruit flavors like key lime, green apple, pear, and lemon. 

Available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Canada, each gummy comes in five or ten milligram doses, with package style and flavors varying based on location. Present across all iterations is their logo, a sophisticated line drawing of a tiger with what appears to be a weed-leaf bindi.

DŌSD Nanobites 

If the name didn’t give it away, DŌSD Nanobites are infused with water-soluble cannabinoid nanoparticles.  In addition to winning 3rd place in the THC:CBD edible category, both their Mixed Fruit Nanobites, as well as the Black Cherry 1:1 received the People’s Choice award for Hemp Connoisseur Magazine’s THC Championship in 2018. Powered by cannabis company Concentrate Brands, DŌSD gummies take effect within 20 to 25 minutes of consumption. Ignoring the minimalistic, health-conscious consumer, DŌSD Nanobites take on another demographic: the unapologetic candy-loving stoner. The brand’s sleepy-eyed logo may give this much away. The edibles contain gelatin, echoing the ingredients of classic gummies like Haribo or Trolli for a textbook gummy experience. The company has some vegan-friendly products in the works too. DŌSD Nanobites are currently available in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


Produced by top Michigan cannabis brand Choice Labs, Quicky’s nano-emulsion gummies take effect within 20 to 30 minutes of consumption. Currently available in gummy form for a range of fruity flavors, the Quicky product line is set to expand soon. Hard candy Jewels, Pixy Stix-esque THC sticks, and cannabis hard candy pops are all in the works. Quicky relies on bright, bold, dynamic fruit imagery with a sense of movement. The packaging contrasts a striking, solid pink background with yellow lettering and a playful look. It’s fitting–after all, their tagline asks, “Got time for a quicky?”

 Coda Signature 

Sleek, sophisticated, and dosed at five mg per piece, Coda Signature’s line of fast-acting Fruit Notes are meant to take the act of eating an edible to the next level. They specialize in tasty flavor combinations like pomegranate hibiscus and passion fruit guava. No discreet pill-popping here, instead, the company urges consumers to complement other bites with their products. The company uses MedPharm’s liquid, fast-acting emulsifiers and nano technologies to produce its Fruit Notes, which are branded with eye-catching photos of the fruits they contain. The packaging does not scream cannabis, but instead, mindful, high-standards consumer.


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