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6 brands with notable live rosin products

You’ve probably been hearing more about live rosin lately. Why? Live rosin differs from other distillates in that its extraction process doesn’t use a solvent of any kind – just heat and pressure separate it from cannabis flower. Given its purity and profile, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are infusing their cannabis products with live rosin. Here are six brands that are leveraging this distinction to stand out in a crowded market.

äkta live rosin gummies

äkta – the Swedish word for genuine and authentic – is a big believer in solventless cannabis extraction, and their inventory reflects that mission. They are also strict with their growing process, which utilizes what they call “living soil” to replicate how cannabis flower would grow naturally.

Of note are äkta’s live rosin gummies, which come in a selection of flavors, including hibiscus, blueberry lemonade, papaya, and guava, all topped with sugar for a sweet finish. Each pack contains twenty hand-poured gummies with five mg of THC each.

Dialed In live rosin simple syrup and gummies

Dialed In exclusively sells live rosin edibles; like äkta they are devotees of the solventless extraction process. They also acknowledge the history of injustice that comes with cannabis distribution, and express a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Stand-out products from Dialed In include both their gummies and their simple syrups, which they market as liquid gummies. Both edibles are made with a sous vide process to lock in flavor. They have an impressive array of flavors and blends, ranging from Grape Nerdz syrup to Jet Fuel Gelato and Honey Banana Gummies. Both medical and recreational options are available.

Bosky Labs live rosin syrup

Images: @Boskylabs Instagram

Bosky Labs is proud of the awards they have won for their solvent free cannabis syrups, which they use deftly in cannabis beverages . These products are thick and concentrated, making them ideal for use in your kitchen. Customers can find recipes and inspiration for making drinks of their own on Bosky Labs’ Instagram page, such as one for a non-alcoholic bellini for special occasions, or syrup and Sprite for more casual moments. Flavors include mango, caramel, strawberry, raspberry, and rose. These products are designed with terpene flavor and potency in mind and are aimed at consumers who can handle products that may pack a punch. 

Rebel live rosin pebble-coated fruit chews 

Rebel wants consumers to know that they are a family owned and operated business. The punchy brand sells a host of edibles to help customers “infuse the day” – their tagline. They also have topicals available, but the focus is clearly on what’s yummy.

Rebel cultivates caramels and chewy fruit edibles, but their featured live rosin edible is their pebble-coated fruit chew, which is as colorful and festive as you’d imagine. It comes in a berry flavor with a candy topping, infused with a blend of several different cannabis strains. The brand cultivates transparency by making  their terpene tests available.

Pax live rosin pods

Pax promotes vaporizing as the ultimate way to get the most active ingredients out of live rosin products. The first and only non-edible on this list, Pax live rosin pods are filled with some of the most OG cannabis strains out there, like Pineapple Express and California Orange. With a mission that incorporates social justice and joyful cannabis consumption, it makes sense that Pax would embrace solvent-free extraction while elevating classic strains.

Robhots live rosin gummies


Arguably a pioneer in the Colorado cannabis scene, Robhots takes their name from the process of making artisanal gummies with butane hash oil and pressing them into robot shapes. Then after a 2016 pivot and rebranding, Robhots swapped their major active ingredient to distillate.

Not one to be left behind on the cutting edge, however, Robhots also has a line of live rosin gummies called Robhots Plus Rosin. In the interest of creating their best product, flavors are subject to change and are dependent on what goes best with the terpenes found in the live rosin available at the time. Like Pax, terpene profiles are available for customers to peruse.


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