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6 Michigan dispensaries that stand out from the rest

Isn’t it cute that Michigan calls dispensaries “provisioning centers”? It sounds like a bar opened by two guys with ironic mustaches in 2014 that only sells IPAs.

Whatever you call them, Michigan is the U.S. state with the ninth-most per capita. Not bad for having legalized recreational weed in 2018.

Here are six that stand out from the pack:

Pure Options (Muskegon)

Pure Options was the first dispensary in the state to sell live clone plants — a huge win to attract the expert crowd. But they include a care guide with every plant, to get newbies in on the biz as well. The founder told Benzinga he wants more people to grow their own weed and isn’t scared of people opting out of buying flower from them, since those are two different crowds. Pure Options was already one of the fastest-growing provisioning centers in Michigan thanks to its wide selection of top strains. And they have an enormous merch selection, all with their signature minimalist, non-weedy logo.

Bloom City Club (Ann Arbor)

This dispensary is entirely female-owned and has a warm, inviting vibe to put customers at ease. It has a 4.8 rating on Google with over 800 reviews — a ton of which Many of Bloom City Club’s Google reviews praise the staff for their kindness and helpfulness, and its reward program, Goddess Gifts. All that good stuff, combined with its daily deals (like Shatterday — 20 percent off concentrates) and MMJ roots, has built Bloom City a loyal following in the area.

Edgewood Wellness (Lansing)

Edgewood started as a purely medical provider and pivoted at the end of 2020 to a recreational setup as well. It has a unique consumption lounge — like a dealer’s couch, but somewhere you actually want to be. The space is cavernous, too. It’s an 18,000- square-foot facility that doubles as an event space, providing yet another revenue stream. Daily deals and a stellar menu further stack Edgewood’s cred.

Houghton Lake Provisioning Center (Houghton Lake) 

Yep, you’re in northern Michigan. This dispensary cultivates a cottage country, at-home feel, even growing and selling its product in the same building. The building itself looks like a camp store — customers might think it sells canoes and tackle boxes from the outside, which simply reads, “PROVISIONING CENTER” (it is in green, though). Reviews praise the staff and atmosphere, and many pledge to come back next time they’re in the area.

The Botanical Co. (Lansing)

This vertically integrated dispensary focuses on craft strains. They’re so proud of their flower that they show them growing, in real time, on TVs inside the store. The staff are all appear to be experts on the provisioning center’s offerings, as illustrated by their YouTube content. Thanks for teaching me how to make shatter butter, Will. The Botanical Co. (or “BoCo,” as Will calls it) features its social responsibility pledge on its top header bar online, in which it promises not to buy products from Michigan Cannabis Manufacturing Association members. (The association has lobbied to remove caregivers’ rights to grow plants for themselves and patients.) 

NOXX cannabis (Grand Rapids)

NOXX co-owner Darel Ross is big into getting more Black entrepreneurs into the cannabis game. The dispensary has partnered with Forty Acres Enterprises, which helps launch Black-owned businesses, to open its latest branch earlier this month at MJ Unpacked. The branch has since received a ton of solid reviews that praise the staff’s friendliness and helpfulness. It also features an online “AI budtender” (which is essentially a BuzzFeed-style quiz about what kind of weed customers are in the mood for, but still — a fun marketing play).


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