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holiday marketing in cannabis

8 products with festive holiday marketing strategies

The holidays are here. And what’s more festive than getting blazed out of one’s mind with one’s cousins and eating all the popcorn for the popcorn strings? Nothing. 

These companies have taken December marketing to the next level, with inventive and fun ways to capitalize on the holiday spirit.

Cloud Cover’s holiday box

holiday marketing in cannabis

Putting a bunch of stuff in an all-in-one box and wrapping it in festive print is a good idea for any company during the holidays, and weed is no exception. Massachusetts brand Cloud Cover has released a “limited edition” holiday gift box, to be sold until the end of the year or until they run out. Each snazzy, blue-and-white, snowflake-covered box contains three eighths of premium bud, three one-gram pre-rolls, a grinder, lighter, rolling papers and tray, and a Cloud Cover t-shirt. For $150 it’s not a bad deal at all, and the graphic design is gorgeous.

Cann’s Cranberry sage drink

cannabis holiday marketing

Cann is trying to get in on Canada Dry’s cranberry ginger ale craze with their own crannabis beverage. The cranberry sage social tonic comes in a sleek pale-green-and-red can that oozes Christmas cheer. The drink ($24 for a six-pack) is featured in their star-studded holiday campaign premiere (which is truly wild — featuring Rosario Dawson, Megan Stalter, Last Crumb cookies and more). It’s not their first foray into holiday marketing, either. Cann partnered with Kiva for a limited-edition Thanksgiving weed-infused turkey gravy

Insa’s Peppermint mocha vape cart

Insa employs an award-winning chocolatier as their head chef, so you know they’re not messing around. This cart is advertised as a “silky-rich chocolate and cooling peppermint” experience. It has pretty understated packaging that doesn’t scream Christmas — but if it’s influenced by an award-winning chocolatier, it might not have to. It’s available as a 500mg dart pod or cartridge ($50), or a 350mg pen ($40). Insa has a few other holiday tricks up its sleeves, too, with Cranberry Drops, a Peppermint Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Bar and a Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Bar. And look out for Champagne Drops later this month, in time for the New Year. All products are only available in Massachusetts.

Skymint’s 10-gram Big A$$ Joint 

Yep. That’s a Big A$$ joint. Michigan dispensary chain Skymint has released a monster pre-roll in time for Christmas. While it’s tempting to view it as a joke, they really are selling it, and it really will get you (incredibly) high if you smoke it. The $80 atom bomb comes in a variety of strains, including Wonka Bars, Cherry Punch and Humboldt Dream. Skymint actually first released it last 4/20 with success. And if there was ever a time other than 4/20 to buy a 10-gram joint, it’d be around the holidays, when your family is all together and bored out of their minds. At the very least, it’d make the pre-dinner “walk” with the cousins a lot more interesting.

Coast Range’s Holiday Advent calendar

Image: Coast Range Cannabis

If you want to sell a lot of little things around the holidays, shove them in an advent calendar. It’s a tried-and-true method companies have used to sell everything from sewing gadgets to miniature vinyl records. But weed actually makes a lot of sense — while you might not want to hem a pair of pants  every day in December, you might want to try a new strain. British Columbia’s Coast Range sells two different calendars. For CAD $289.99, it comes with 25.5g of total dried herb, plus some extra “little surprises.” The $189.99 version comes with twenty-four different edibles. And the company donates $10 from each sale to a local food bank. Nice!

Old Pal/TILT Holdings’ “Baked at Home” brownie mix

What do people want to do in December? Bake. And get baked. Old Pal has capitalized on this with a weed-infused brownie mix. For about $25, customers can get twenty brownies’ worth of mix (100mg total) — a pretty solid deal for a little elbow grease. The packaging is snazzy, too, suggesting an old-timey flour bag or some kind of heroin-based medicine from the 1920s.

Pure Beauty’s Little Strong Drink 

It’s little, but it’s potent. Just the thing for a stressful holiday family get-together. Pure Beauty tweaked its OG Grape drink to create a power punch of a 2oz bev — containing 100mg of live-resin infused THC, 20mg of CBN, and Concord grapes grown in the Yakima Valley with cardamom and Egyptian Hibiscus. The company suggests pairing its drink with kombucha or tea, “as a little goes a long way.” That is, unless answering questions about why you’re still single is making you eager to enter a different realm. 

Stone Road’s holiday flavors pre-rolls

When in doubt, make up some fun names. That’s exactly what Stone Road has done with its holiday-themed pre-rolls. The five-packs come in Christmas and Hanukkah themes, with names like Egg Nugg (indica — Northern Lights x Girl Scout Cookies) and Oy Vey, Need A Jay (sativa — Jack Herer x Tangie).


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