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MJ Brand Insights partners with Pioneer Intelligence to provide weekly marketing performance ratings for cannabis brands

Seattle, WA, February 22, 2021 — A few weeks ago, we published our first top ten list from Pioneer Intelligence: Top Ten Hottest Brands in Oregon in 2020. It was one of our most popular posts yet. Since we like to give the people what they want, today we officially announce a strategic and exclusive content partnership with Pioneer Intelligence, a new consumer marketing performance intelligence solution for cannabis brands across the US.

Our exclusive top ten lists dive deeper into consumer brand engagement in state specific markets, over time, and by product category. The lists will be accompanied by market insights from our fearless leader, George Jage. (A position he shares with his wife and co-founder Kim Jage, aka the-ultimate-authority.)

Pioneer Intelligence MJ Brand Insights

“What Ben and Pioneer have built for cannabis brands is amazing and will be a must have for any team in charge of brand performance,” stated George Jage, CEO of Jage Media. “I believe Pioneer’s success will be one of the biggest stories of 2021.”

Pioneer Intelligence offers marketing performance analytics tools for licensed US cannabis brands that sell cannabis products with a minimum of 0.3% THC.  Pioneer currently has more than 550 brands in their active pool with another 250 brands in their pipeline. Pipeline brands require six months of data before being added to the active pool.  Lists of both active and pipeline brands can be found at

To monitor consumer engagement, Pioneer Intelligence examines both absolute position and relative change across three main pillars: social media, earned media, and website activity.  On a weekly basis, Pioneer compares over 200 weighted features and through dimension reduction, produces pillar and sub pillar scores that are normalized onto a one-thousand-point scale.

Pioneer’s Premium Scorecards include both HEAT and STRENGTH scoring, whereby HEAT scoring prioritizes relative change over absolute position, while STRENGTH scores reflect the opposite.  All scorecards present data on overall marketing performance along with more actionable metrics — which focus on particular marketing functions. 

“MJ Brand Insights is a perfect partner for sharing our data and communicating the value proposition of our services,” said Ben Walters, founder of Pioneer Intelligence.  “Both their news site and their event platforms are aligned with our target audience of brand and retail executives.”

MJ Brand Insights is dedicated to providing a sharp, substantive, and reliable source of industry intel for cannabis brands and retailers. Jage Media, its publisher, is dedicated to fostering a community of brands and retailers and providing them the space and resources to thrive.  Jage Media is also the producer of the MJ Unpacked series of events. 

“The data is just incredible,” said Kim Jage, CMO and co-founder at Jage Media. “Brands have the dual task of marketing to retailers while creating pull demand from consumers. Brand marketers can see the specific performance of digital campaigns, press releases, and promotions to compare against sales results and measure the effectiveness of every dollar of marketing spend.” 

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