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MJBI new product roundup: Summer 2021

As more brands crowd the playing field, it takes greater creativity to get attention. But the cannabis industry has creativity in spades. From high science to high camp, this summer’s marketing strategies were all over the map. Here’s a handful of products that stood out to us.


Much has been made of how the effects of the same cannabis product can differ from consumer to consumer. To capitalize on this idea, Sunderstorm, creators of Kanha, introduced NANO5 DNA, a line of nanomolecular sublinguals that are designed to be matched with consumers’ unique DNA. So how does this work? Each NANO5 DNA order comes with a $50 gift card for customers that would like to try a DNA Kit. Consumers then send a saliva sample to EndoCanna Health, which uses a patented DNA test to analyze more than 700k SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that are related to the endocannabinoid system. Upon analyzing a consumer’s DNA, EndoCanna Health issues a secure, in-depth report that identifies their unique genotype, maps potential risks and positive outcomes, and predicts how their DNA will respond to specific cannabinoids and terpenes. They also match the consumer to the ideal NANO5 DNA formulation. This process takes several weeks, but consumers who have already taken DNA tests like 23andMe can instead submit that profile and receive a recommendation within minutes. 

Passion Peach Mate 

Swedish musician and Cann investor Tove Lo launched Cann Passion Peach Mate, a yerba mate drink that delivers a small dose of THC. On the spectrum of celebrity spokespeople that make sense for cannabis, Tove Lo rates fairly high (pun intended). She has built a persona that is thoughtful, hedonistic, and candid, which pulls through for the brand in a recent Forbes interview, in which Tove Lo speaks openly about her relationship with cannabis and the process of designing the product. Of the decision to incorporate yerba mate, Tove said, “I thought was a great new twist to the usual cannabis products out there. The drink and the whole campaign is supposed to feel the way we are; flirty, sexy, delicious and weird. I think we did that.”

Stuffed French Toast by Insane 

While we’re on the subject of celebrities who should be repping for weed products, B-Real of Cyprus Hill certainly has his credentials in order. In addition to rapping on two of the best-loved weed anthems of all time, the artist has long been involved in actual cannabis education. In 2018, he launched his first Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary, and has since expanded to five California locations; he has an affiliated weed brand called Insane. But Stuffed French Toast caught our attention before we realized it was affiliated with B-Real. This is catchy branding for flower; the retro font and imagery promise a treat, framing the product as a fun indulgence, and the accompanying photo of the actual bud looks seriously legit. Our experience with this product appears to be in keeping with B-Real’s overall philosophy: “For the people who don’t know who I am or have no idea who or what ‘Dr. Greenthumb’ is, I know when they come through our doors and pick any strain on the shelf, they will leave with something amazing. That’s what’s important to me. That they have a great experience.”

Good Stuff Beverages new release

Here at MJBI we love a good rebrand, especially if the result is packaging that truly stands out. Good Stuff is a California-based company that makes strain-specific tonics which can be mixed into cannabis cocktails or food–their website includes recipes for everything from cannabis Arnold Palmers to THC ceviche. Previously, their product came in standard-shaped bottles with a basic logo. In addition to releasing new flavors–black cherry, key limeade, and raspberry lemonade–the company has reinvented its branding to be more in keeping with its craft-quality ingredients. We love the shape of their new bottles and the artwork featuring a crew of old-timey animal musicians–especially since they represent a real anomaly in weed packaging. Here’s to the brands with the confidence to do something fun and different!

RAW Inflatable Tray Floaty

Despite all these cool new ways to consume, RAW Rolling Papers are there for the people who just want to smoke a jay. And if those people want to enjoy the last days of summer while smoking that jay in a pool of cool water, well RAW is there for that too. They’ve just released a floaty for their rolling trays. We may be leaving the office early today.


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