The Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association launches to make change and empower tribal voices

We’re sharing good news on this Indigenous Peoples Day: the Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA) officially launched late last week. The group aims to “promote the exploration, development, and advancement of the cannabis industry for the benefit of all Indigenous communities.”

Founded by Rob Pero of the Ojibwe Nation and founder and CEO at Canndigenous and Perodigm, ICIA’s leadership also includes executive director Mary Jane Oatman of the Nez Perce Tribe, founder of Indigenous Cannabis Coalition and THC Magazine; secretary Colin Price of the Ho-Chunk Nation; and treasurer Fern Orie of the Oneida Nation. 

ICIA members will have access to the group’s network of Tribal Nations, industry partners, mentors, and businesses to help navigate tribal, state, and federal policy. The non-profit will also offer webinars, bootcamps, workforce development, expungement clinics, and community education. 

This November, the organization will take to DC for the National Indigenous Cannabis Policy Summit, covering topics like, “Is Intertribal Commerce in Cannabis a Pipe Dream: How Do We Build Regulations for Nation-to-Nation Commerce?” and “Protecting Mother Earth: How Tribes Can Lead the 17 UN Sustainability Initiatives in Cannabis Development.”

We are excited to follow the work of these leaders and watch the ICIA grow.


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