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Welcome to the future: Colorado debuts another cannabis vending machine

Colorado’s latest weed-stocked machine won’t be “out of odor” any time soon. The state’s first fully compliant cannabis vending machine debuted at Terrapin Care Station dispensary in Aurora last weekend. 

Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced the news over Instagram yesterday, noting that the fully automated experience still requires proof of identification and age. Manufactured by ACE (Automated Cannabis Experience), the machine includes a large observation window, a touchscreen interface, and multilingual functionality.  

The cannabis vending machine is reported to be able to hold up to 1,152 products, including all of the basics you’d find at a dispensary, such as flower, edibles, vape cartridges, and concentrates. 

The new technology was created in partnership with Canadian vending machine company BMC Universal Technologies and has been billed as the first fully automated cannabis kiosk on the market. 

Before the introverts get too excited about the prospect of buying weed while avoiding human interaction, note that shoppers still must check in and show proof of age with a human dispensary representative before they are granted access to the machine. 

While it’s not the first weed vending machine to arrive in Colorado, the ACE machine reportedly differs from others in that it is fully compliant with state and municipal regulations because of its integration with the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system.


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