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Kate Moore

The best in luxe branding

What drives a person to throw down sixty bucks for a single-use vape pen? Is it the look and feel of the product, the promise of a first-rate experience, or a bit of both? Behind every upmarket branding effort is a laundry list of questions about human psychology.

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Smokin' Gun Apothocary

Top ten innovative dispensary designs

Opening a dispensary in today’s rapidly growing cannabis economy isn’t for the faint of heart. Where rigid drug laws once restricted the market, the current pervasiveness of cannabis is driving the need for increasingly specialized branding strategies. As such, savvy dispensaries are pushing the creative envelope beyond…

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Papa and Barkley products

Hot Brands: Papa & Barkley Skincare

When the popular wellness company Papa & Barkley launched its new cannabis-infused skincare line back in March, the monstrosity we’ve come to call “2020” hadn’t yet hit its rampaging stride. But as momentum has gathered over the following months, so has…

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Glimpse the future: Insights from mature markets

The process of transitioning a medical cannabis market to adult-use is not without steep learning curves. But Midwestern states preparing to make the big jump don’t necessarily have to fly blind. Unlike established markets who’ve been charting unfamiliar territory…

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