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BDSA brand insights: 5 brands to watch in the Massachusetts cannabis market

Almost a hundred years after becoming the first state to criminalize cannabis, Massachusetts became a trailblazer in a different way: by being the first East Coast state to allow legal cannabis sales with the launch of its adult-use market in November 2018.

Since the start of adult-use sales in 2018, the Massachusetts market has been one of the faster growing adult-use markets across the country, with quarterly dollar sales more than doubling between Q4 2019 and Q1 2022 per BDSA Retail Sales Tracking. As more mature cannabis markets like California and Colorado have seen dollar declines since Q3 2021, Massachusetts has seen only a slight softening in sales. With BDSA Consumer Insights showing that past six-month consumption has nearly doubled in the state since the launch of adult-use sales, it’s likely that Massachusetts still has plenty of room to grow its legal market.  

With much attention going to the northeast region since the launch of legal sales in New Jersey, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some of the top Massachusetts cannabis brands to watch in 2022.

Garden Remedies

Founded in 2013, Garden Remedies is one of several vertically-integrated brands that have made their way to the top. Offering a variety of edible and inhalable products, Garden Remedies was a top ten ranked brand by dollar sales in Massachusetts for Q1 2022 per BDSA Retail Sales Tracking. 

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A homegrown Massachusetts brand, you may remember Fernway from our list of “Top Cannabis Brands to Watch in 2022.” With a product portfolio offering a wide range of premium inhalable products, Fernway was a top-ten ranked brand by dollar sales in Q1 2022 per BDSA Retail Sales Tracking.

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Sira Naturals

Another vertically-integrated brand with three retail locations across Massachusetts, Sira Naturals has been a mainstay in the top brands rankings since the launch of adult-use. Having seen a ~10% increase in quarterly dollar sales between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 per BDSA Retail Sales Tracking, Sira Naturals has held a spot among the top brands in Massachusetts with their premium products focused on the flower and pre-roll categories.

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Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a vertically-integrated operator that offers a wide range of inhalable, edible, and topical products. With BDSA Retail Sales Tracking showing a ~30% increase in quarterly dollar sales between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, Happy Valley was a top-five ranked brand by dollar sales in the Massachusetts market in Q1 2022.


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Vertically-integrated brand Insa has shown strong performance in the maturing Massachusetts market, and since leveraged their brand presence to expand to the rapidly growing Pennsylvania medical market. A top-five ranked brand in Massachusetts by BDSA Retail Sales Tracking, Insa has grown their quarterly dollar sales ~30% between Q3 2021 and Q1 2022.


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