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Spring roundup 2022: 14 hot new cannabis products

When Cypress Hill released “Hits from the Bong” in 1993, stoners the world over knew what they were talking about. There were, after all, only a handful of ways to get high: you could smoke a joint, smoke a bong, smoke a bowl, or eat a brownie of questionable dosage. Maybe if you were really esoteric you made your own THC tincture. But these days, we’re not so united in our consumption methods. 

Since I began writing on the CPG side of things five years ago, there’s been a tremendous growth in innovation–both in branding and product development. From session sips to sublingual strips, the cannabis industry is here to get you high sixteen ways from Sunday. So far, I have yet to hear a hip-hop anthem about, say, nano-emulsified dissolvables, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. So today we’ll be looking at some recent releases that stand out from the shelves. These are the products that are extra cool in some way: either innovative, notably ethical, particularly pretty, or all of the above. 

Dr. Norm’s NANO

Full-spectrum, fast-acting THC baked goods that are legit delicious? This is a truly exciting development. In March, Dr. Norm’s released NANO Cookies & Cream. They describe the product as “a modern mashup of an Oreo cookie and a traditional cookie.” But, you know, with weed. In April, the California-based brand released a NANO Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rice Krispy Treat that delivers 100 mg of fast-acting THC. (The treat comes with a cutting grid to create smaller doses for those who don’t want to get quite that baked.) The team here at MJBI and MJ Unpacked were already fans of Dr. Norm, but this is next level. 

HighBridge Neblina del Pacifico

If you want to drink a non-alcoholic beverage that will get you high, you have a zillion options these days. From faux aperitifs to faux IPAs, our cups runneth over. But this is the first Mexican-style faux pilsner we’ve seen, so points to HighBridge! Considering the giant market for Mexican beer, we think this is a smart move for the Wyoming-based corporation. Neblina del Pacifico contains 10 MG of THC with accents of lime, jalapeño, and tamarind.  

Currency Sour Electrolyte Gummies

Behold Brands has released Currency, sour gummies that contain electrolytes and 5 mg of THC each. Their marketing materials sing an aggressively wholesome tune and say they’re designed for “athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.” But given the time-honored hangover eradication power of both electrolytes and THC, this Massachusetts brand should possibly consider reaching out to consumers who didn’t get the memo about all this faux alcohol.

OGeez mini gummy 

On May 3, OGeez! Brands brought Arizonan cannabis consumers their first micro gummy. According to the company’s marketing materials, they’re looking to “offer experienced users the perfect way to microdose to manage pain, anxiety, or simply to explore their relationship with cannabis.” Nicely said, OGeez! The tropical flavored gummies contain 3 MG of THC (perfect for this lightweight) and come in bags of 25. 

Escape Artists Flights 

For the low-key stoner on the go, Colorado’s Escape Artists is launching Flights, dissolvable sublingual strips designed for quick onset and discreet, easy-to-manage dosing. Each stylish tin contains 30 minty “Flights” with either 2.5 mg or 5 mg of THC per dose. 

Bhang High Roller Nano-Infused Joints 

Meanwhile, California-based Bhang is marketing to the other end of the consumer spectrum with their new High Roller line, which ups the potency of a normal joint to 54% THC, while the nano-THC promises even faster onset. Frankly, this boggles my mind. This lightweight will not be trying the High Roller line, but it’s sure to appeal to my baller colleagues, and I expect to see someone busting these out at our next company strategy session.

Old Pal 2 Gram Infused Blunt 

Speaking of avowed stoners…At MJ Unpacked NYC 2022, Old Pal debuted a 2-gram blunt rolled in hemp and infused with THC diamonds and live resin. According to the brand, “This far-out fatty offers up a high-quality, high-potency experience that’s perfect for hangs with friends or epic stoner solo sessions.” With so many brands adopting an aesthetic as bland as the word “wellness,” California-based Old Pal’s irreverent attitude and ‘70s aesthetic are like a breath of dank smoke. As they say, “It’s just weed, man.” 

Wana Live Rosin Gummies 

There’s a reason Wana is ahead in the gummy game. The Colorado-based company’s robust R&D department is constantly churning out innovative products like these fast-acting Live Rosin gummies that deliver a full-spectrum high with full-terpene flavor. (I am a huge fan of the Citrus Sorbet.)

Flowerade from Detroit Edibles 

Despite all the fanfare about nanoemulsion, fast-acting products have been slower to catch on in emerging markets. So it’s cool to see Detroit Edibles releasing a fast-acting THC dissolvable in Michigan. Given the company’s history of innovative product development and their penchant for creating a wide range of THC edibles, it’s no surprise that they’re leading the charge with fast-acting dissolvables. The powder drink mix comes in 100 MG packs in three flavors – Tropical Punch, Lemon-Lime, and Blue Crush. 

Weekenders Dream, Lift, and Glow 

The California-based company with notably stylish packaging released three new lines of pre-rolls: Dream, Lift, and Glow. These pre-rolls pack a powerful punch; the Dream line, which is comprised of the Fruit Gusher strain, weighs in at 29% THC. All flower is sun-grown by legacy farmers in Humboldt and Sonoma County. 

Wild Womxn Pre-rolls from Kikoko 

Speaking of sun grown in Humboldt and Sonoma, Kikoko, a woman-owned brand, launched Wild Womxn mini pre-rolls to highlight California’s traditional cultivation culture and powerful female growers. The line is made with “beyond organic” craft cannabis from woman-owned Moon Made Farms, Wildland Cannabis, and Arcanna Flowers.

Seed and Smith Strain-specific Infused Pre-Rolls 

We’re loving the move toward strain-specific products, and were thus pleased to hear that Colorado-based Seed & Smith has launched this line. Packed in ZigZag cones, each pre-roll contains 1.25g of single-source flower infused with .25g of their strain-specific live resin. The pre-rolls are available in numerous strains, including their award-winning Lemoon Cake, Midnite, Garlic Road, Super Sour Lemon, Purple Punch, and Chem De La Chem.

Cheeba Chews MELTS

Speaking of trends we like, Cheeba Chews is releasing another line of live rosin edibles. This May, the Colorado-based company launched MELTS, a French-inspired pâte de fruit chew infused with live rosin from artisanal extractors such as Kush Masters, Sovereign Labs and Soiku Bano. MELTS have a jam-like texture and apricot, strawberry and toasted coconut flavors chosen to complement the flavors of individual strains.

Beboe’s Sweet Dreams 

Available in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Nevada, Beboe released plum berry sleep aids containing 5mg THC and 1mg CBN per gummy. Like all Beboe products we’ve seen to date, these come in vintage-inspired packaging that’s so pretty it’s hard to throw away.  


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