Top 10 hottest Massachusetts cannabis brands

The Massachusetts cannabis market has had quite some time to grow and mature. According to BDSA, “Legal sales in the Massachusetts market totaled ~$1.3 million for January-September 2022. This represents ~12 percent year-over-year growth in dollar sales compared to January-September 2021.”

So it seemed like a good chance to take a look at the hottest cannabis brands in Massachusetts, as measured by the Pioneer Intelligence Heat Index, which measures consumer engagement across three pillars: social media, web activity, and earned media such as news stories. (Visit their website for more information on their methodology.)

First of all, it’s no surprise that three of the brands on this list made the top ten for Massachusetts. Bountiful Farms, Fernway, and Happy Valley all rank among the top fifteen hottest cannabis brands nationwide, per Pioneer Intelligence data for October 2022. (Pioneer currently tracks 742 cannabis brands.) 

But back to the Bay State. How are these ten brands making the cut? Berkshire Roots clearly benefited from a recent exclusive partnership with Cookies, a company that’s more than adept at snagging media attention. But Berner doesn’t deserve all the credit—Berkshire Roots has a long history of smart consumer engagement. They sell branded apparel, sponsor monthly charity spotlights, and have partnered with a ton of nonprofits including LPP, Harbor Arts, and the Elizabeth Freeman Center. 

When it comes to earned media windfalls, Bountiful Farms and Levia won out in a recent NPR story, which covered Bountiful’s collaboration with The Smoke Shop BBQ to create a THC-infused barbecue sauce, and also included an interview with Levia CEO Troy Brosnan on his THC seltzers. 

It’s no surprise that Brosnan managed to capture the attention of NPR—he’s proved adept with earned media by engaging in clever strategies like artist collaborations and seasonal product releases. On a similar note, Bountiful has done a lot to put themselves on the map—they won first place in the flower category in the Worcester Cultivator’s Cup and have great packaging and an extremely engaging Instagram account. This summer, BDSA listed Fernway as one of five brands to watch in the Massachusetts cannabis market, and with good reason. Fernway has benefited from newsworthy product releases (both their regular and disposable vape products are recyclable and they make a limited edition pumpkin spice vape, a flavor that’s sure to garner attention at this time of year). It’s also worth noting that this brand just seems to be locally beloved, which is a sign of authentic consumer engagement at its finest. Speaking of which, congratulations to all the cannabis brands on this list for going the extra mile. And, without further ado, here are the top ten hottest cannabis brands in Massachusetts.

Pioneer Intelligence leverages data to benchmark marketing performance of consumer-facing cannabis brands. Built by a group of experienced and passionate marketers and data scientists, Pioneer helps industry stakeholders better understand how communications strategies resonate with audiences. In early 2021, Pioneer launched its first products, a suite of marketing performance scorecards. These reports present actionable data across three focus areas: social media, earned media and web-related activities. More information can be found on the company’s website,

Disclaimer:  Pioneer currently has more than 680 brands in their active pool with hundreds more in their pipeline. (Pipeline brands require six months of data before being added to the active pool.) Lists of both active and pipeline brands can be found at If you would like to request your brand be tracked by Pioneer, please email [email protected].


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