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Top ten hottest Colorado MSO Brands

Well over a year now since the law was passed, we look at the MSOs (operators in 4 or more States) that are operating in Colorado and successfully engaged consumers in March across all product categories and all three media pillars from Pioneer Intelligence’s Heat Index.

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Top Ten hottest pre-rolls

Top Ten Hottest Cali-only pre-rolls in March

Building web traffic with consumers can become increasingly difficult against the instant gratification of social media or broad product discovery and ordering sites like I Heart Jane. The top ten this week have leveraged an array of content tools, including blog posts and inspiring videos, to drive traffic to their sites.

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Top Ten Hottest MSOs

Top Ten Hottest MSOs winning the PR game in March

In this week’s Top Ten Hottest list, powered by Pioneer Intelligence’s consumer engagement Heat Index rankings, we slice the data to see which MSO’s received the most consumer engagement from earned media in March across all product categories and all state markets.

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WA Hottest Brands

Top Ten Hottest Washington-only Brands in February

With nearly $8 billion in cannabis sales since the inception of the legal market, it’s a matter of time before some of these iconic Washington brands begin expanding into new markets and major players come in looking for acquisition opportunities.

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Ten Hottest MSO Pre-Roll Brands

Top Ten Hottest MSO Pre-Rolls

This week we’re back to the national stage to take a look at the pre-roll brands that are getting the most heat across the three pillars of consumer engagement: social media, website activity, and earned media. At least one of these MSOs is a dark horse.

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Top Ten Hottest Colorado-Only Brands

Which cannabis brands really matter in Colorado, to Coloradans? Here we look at Colorado’s hottest homegrown cannabis brands and consider which brands may be about to make the leap to the national stage.

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Most popular weed brands in California by social media

Top Ten Hottest Brands in California by Social Media

We’re back with our second top ten list through our exclusive content partnership with Pioneer Intelligence. For our first California list, we’re focusing on one pillar: engagement by social media–something that was particularly relevant in 2020. Read on to discover the hottest edibles and flower brands in California.

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Hottest Edible Brands in OR 2020

Top Ten Hottest Brands in Oregon in 2020

We live in a competitive society and a competitive market. Everyone wants to know where they stand relative to the field and we love lists. Sadly, most published lists are subjective, but not ours! MJ Brand Insights has created an exclusive content partnership with Pioneer Intelligence to back the rankings with real data.

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